Office 2003 Updates failing

  Minkey1 20:11 28 Jun 2006

Evening all.

A while ago I jumped in on a post on an Outlook Junk email filter update failing. The problem's spread and now affects updates for Powerpoint and Word. The Office version we use is Student & Teacher 2003 and is a proper retail boxed version from PCW, which permits installation on 3 family PC's (we do have a student in the house !)

It affects the other 2 as well which to me points to a problem with the Office installation, Windows Genuine Advantage, Updates, or all 3. Before the Outlook kicked off we never had problems updating our Office product.

I've searched PCA forums and tried Detect & Repair but it failed. I know MS offer free support for Update problems but before I ask Bill to look in to it, I wondered if any of you Office experts had any ideas ?



  [DELETED] 20:15 28 Jun 2006

Sorry, Bill won't look into it.

He's now concentrating on his charity work. ;-))

  Minkey1 22:07 28 Jun 2006


  [DELETED] 23:27 28 Jun 2006

Same happens with me but my office was purchased under the HUP and it installs on one pc ok but not the other

  Minkey1 23:34 28 Jun 2006

I've re-checked WGA on the 2 main machines & that's OK and re-validated both Windows. Before the Outlook Junk filter update in April, we'd no problems. Now updates for Excel and Word are failing as well, so it's definitely an Office issue. They mention one possibilty as over enthusiastic Registry cleaners but the only thing similar to this I use is CCleaner, which has always been recommended here.

I've logged it with MS so I'll leave this open a while till they come back.

  Minkey1 15:50 29 Jun 2006


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