Office 2003 Service Pack 1 for Multilingual User I

  Jaro 00:39 06 Mar 2005

I have downloaded Office 2003 Service Pack 1 for Multilingual User Interface Pack and wanted to install it but i have got message said that expected version of the product was not found on the system.but i have office prof.2003 installed alredy plus office 2003 sp1 as they recomended.

i really dont know what is going on.can anyone help me with that?

this is the website i have downloaded it from click here

  TomJerry 00:49 06 Mar 2005

standard office 2003 does not have this, you need to install this pack separatly first before you can applied sp1 for thid pack

  Jaro 03:18 06 Mar 2005

thats the one i could not install. its "Office 2003 Service Pack 1 for Multilingual User I" = "Multilingual User Interface Pack" i have instaled office 2003 SP1 first as i was adviced by microsoft and than i wanted instal this "Multilingual User Interface Pack" but i could not for the reason i have mentioned.

  TomJerry 15:05 06 Mar 2005

you need to have "Multilingual User Interface Pac for windows" installed before you can install sp1

  Jaro 22:03 06 Mar 2005

ok than can you please tell me where to download it from ? cos when i wanted to find the one you sugested it only found the one i already have. if you know this information can you tell me please?

and aswell do i have to uninstall the office 2003 SP1 first before install it? or now i just need to instal multilingual user interface pack first and than the one i already have?

  TomJerry 23:22 06 Mar 2005

are mainly used in many multi-national compaies with workers speaking different languages use same PCs. I do not think you can get it free.

  Jaro 18:15 07 Mar 2005

thank you for your help

  The Belarussian Mafia 18:30 07 Mar 2005

TomJerry is right: I looked into this as we are a bilingual family, but what you are looking for is only available to corporations.

  TomJerry 10:40 09 Mar 2005

This pak only give you "menu". If you just want to handle other language and do not need x-language menu, you do not need the pak.

(1) Enable multi-language support in windows

"control panel", "Regional setting", you then tick the languages you want. Click "Advanced", click languages you need which will add correct codecs. All you apply change, windows may ask you for windows CD. Now you can dispaly the languages. Test it with a web page with x-language.

(2) Enable input method for your language

"control panel", "Regional setting", "input locales" "Change", then click add to add input methods you want

(3) Reinstall or Repair Office 2003 installtion
use "Custom" setup and then you can dig to find to click the support for your lanagues

Now you can read and edit the docuement in X-lanague, only thing "the Pak" will offer on top of this is to have menu in X-language.

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