Office 2003 Publisher problem

  GuZ><0r 17:21 22 Jan 2006

I have Office 2003, and just recently Publisher isn't working as it should. Firstly when I opned it, it asked to enable or disable macros, which were for Adobe Acrobat Reader 7. So I enabled them, and publisher didn't open files correctly. So i then disable the macros thinking it could be those, but it still did not open files correc tly. What I meanb by correctly is that only some of the things in the file open, such as only text and no pictures that are on there. When I try to open some other files, only some of the text appears. Also publisher knows that there are pictures there as you can hilight them, but not see them. This happens with both 2003 format and older, such as 2000. Does anybody know what the problem could be and how to sort it.

  GuZ><0r 17:30 22 Jan 2006

Also forgot to mention, it is runnning very slowly, as in it takes a while to switch back and to it.

  VoG II 17:32 22 Jan 2006

Have you tried Detect and Repair on the Help menu?

  GuZ><0r 18:14 22 Jan 2006

I have tried to do the Detect and Repair, but I cannot as I need the disk which I do not have. Also I have just tried to create a file and it showed text ok, but no word art or pictures. Also when I typed text ovre a picture, I could see the picutre behind it. Help, please, I really need this program.

  GuZ><0r 18:44 22 Jan 2006


  GuZ><0r 18:56 22 Jan 2006

Is there anybody that can help. PLEASE!!

  GuZ><0r 21:25 24 Jan 2006


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