Office 2003 - Document Not Available

  bfoc 20:08 17 Nov 2003

A neighbour has just asked me about a problem they have with Office 2003. They can start Word, Publisher etc fine and create documents but when they try to Open them again it fails and a warning 'Doument not available' comes up.

The documents are there though and if a Word file is saved as RTF it can be opened by Wordpad, but not by Office 2003.

They have had Office 2003 installed for about 10 days. I believe it has been activated. Any suggestions as I have not used Office 2003?

They have a recent machine running Windows XP Pro.

  howard60 20:47 17 Nov 2003

but could it be that they are saving as some other version of word. They may have to use save as and scroll up and down the list of save options to find word 2003 doc or some such.

  bfoc 21:16 17 Nov 2003

I'm afraid not it affects other programs not just Word. I'm pretty sure it isn't a file-type problem

Thanks again!

  Steven135 21:55 17 Nov 2003

Just a couple of thoughts are they logged on as administrator?

Have they tried the detect and repair option this can be found on the help menu.

You could also post on the Office 2003 NG they can find this on the help pane - communities. Or they can ring Microsoft.

  VoG II 22:50 17 Nov 2003

Have they (perhaps inadvertently) saved them as encrypted documents?

If not Help/Detect and repair as Steven135 says.

  bfoc 23:34 17 Nov 2003

For all those ideas but they are not encrypted and yes, they have tried Detect and repair to no avail!

Apparently they also get a warning about the template having been changed when they exit.

Would that have anything to do with it?

I believe they are going to contact their supplier as well.

I also wondered whether anybody knows if this could be anything at all to do with a copy protection/ activation problem. That is just me wondering.

  Djohn 23:43 17 Nov 2003

Just wondering if it's down to an activation problem! With the operating systems you have up to thirty days to activate the product, but with Office systems it's how many times you open the program.

Office XP for example is ten times, before it stops working correctly, and/or loses some of it's functions. So in theory you can open the word program, but not use it, and each time you do counts as one less life.

  bfoc 23:53 17 Nov 2003

Thanks for that it confirms what I was just wondering!

So, if there is an activation problem it would enable them to open, say, Word and create and save documents but would then not let them open those documents?

  Djohn 00:05 18 Nov 2003

I would think so, but it's only a guess as I activated my Office XP after opening it twice so never found out what the limited function will allow.

Try the activation route first, this can be done while being on the net, then going to start/all programs/Office. In the drop down menu there will be an activate link, click on that and it will activate automatically.

If you wish to do it by phone then ring the number provided on the same link and by use of the keypad of your phone enter a sequence of numbers. An automated voice will read back to you a code to put into the activation window, then you will have full use of the program.

Try this first before phoning Microsoft for help as you only receive two "free" help sessions with their products, [Even full retail versions], then you have to pay. j.

  Steven135 00:22 18 Nov 2003

Like Djohn I always activate straight away but I would have thought that there would be repeated warnings to activate as there is on WXP along with a final screen to tell you that you can't use the application unless...

  Djohn 00:38 18 Nov 2003

Steven135, you are correct in mentioning the warnings, but they are not very prominent and if the person first using Office is unaware of this, then they can quite easily miss the "You can use this program, 9, 8, 7, more times" before activation is required.

These lives can be used up in just a few moments just by opening the individual programs to have a look at them, without actually using them.

It's just possible that bfoc's neighbour may have done this in his/her excitement of receiving the new "Office". But it's only a guess, I can't think of anything else that could be causing a new program to behave this way. j.

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