Office 2003

  [DELETED] 11:50 22 Dec 2003

Hi there,
is anyone out there using office 2003, I have had lots of formatting problems as it seems to decide who will see what when they open up documents.
I just wanted to pick someones brain who may be able to help me.

  [DELETED] 17:50 22 Dec 2003

Yes, I do.

  [DELETED] 10:49 23 Dec 2003

Hi VoG,
I have 7 copies of it and on some machines it decides to show formatting, on one it has decided to show linkfields and this happens on shared documents stored on our network and without changing any settings, have you had any similar problems?

  Taff36 10:57 23 Dec 2003

Are you talking about Word documents or all types of Office files?

  [DELETED] 11:11 23 Dec 2003

sorry not to be clear, it's word documents, although I have had a few opening gliches with excel - don't really use power point or access enough to tell with them (it is office pro)

  Taff36 11:24 23 Dec 2003

OK - no problem.

Each individual user has Word set up a slightly different way. Tools > Options On one of the tabs you will see for example "show field shading" and a drop down box with the options always/never/when selected. These options can be changed individually to suit each person and all these settings are remembered (in general terms) by Word on that machine and are applied to all documents opened by that machine.

The revealed formatting is an icon on the main top taskbar and again can be toggled (switched on/off) by clicking the icon which looks like a musical note or a carriage return. It is usually next to the zoom percentage box.

I think that when you experiment with the settings on individual machines you will see what I mean. There are certain settings that always survive depending on how that document was closed down by the previous user. The page view (normal/print layout etc) and the zoom percentage are two examples.

  [DELETED] 11:35 23 Dec 2003

cheers taff,
i will give it a go,
now if you could just sort out the rest of my Christmas shopping, what can I possibly buy those awkward family members?!.........;-)

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