Office 2003

  SonnyB 23:58 06 Dec 2003

I am trying to install Office 2003 on a pc using Windows XP.
All updates are present and correct, previous versions of the software have been removed but the new install repeatedly halts at the same point and requests re-insertion of the cd rom (which is still in place in 'D') and asks for file Q2561405.CAB, assuming it is missing.
Any ideas?
I have performed the action many times now but same result at same point in the install.

  Sir Radfordin 00:11 07 Dec 2003

May be worth checking you haven't got a scratch on the disk or a fingerprint that is stoping it reading. You should be able to do a search on the CD for the .cab file to see if it is on there.

  SonnyB 00:18 07 Dec 2003

Thanks for rapid response.
I have just tried a search and file is not there but it did have a fingerprint so I cleaned it and will now try again to install but i am not confident!

  Djohn 00:24 07 Dec 2003

Is it possible that the file being asked for is on the XP Operating CD? At the point of request, try inserting the XP sys. disk, it just may pick it up from there. j.

  SonnyB 00:28 07 Dec 2003

Ok thanks I will try it but I have just finished re-intalling XP to see if it would make a difference.
So far nothing has worked, and I know the disc has worked on another pc so I am at a loss but I will try your suggestion.

  Steven135 00:37 07 Dec 2003

You could also try copying your offce CD to your HD and installing from there.

On the Office NG someone is having a simailar problem one suggestion given was on read write errors might be worth running checkdisk in case you have HD errors (shot in the dark though.

  SonnyB 00:38 07 Dec 2003

Ok, I just tried it but no luck as there is no file on the XP disc called Q2561405.CAB either.
I am perplexed.
I need more suggestions please or I will not get any sleep tonight!

  SonnyB 00:40 07 Dec 2003

Ok, Steven I will now try copying to the hard drive.

  Djohn 00:42 07 Dec 2003

Does anyone know what file Q2561405.CAB is, and which disk it's on? That would be a start and may lead to the answer. j.

  SonnyB 00:47 07 Dec 2003

I did a search of the office disc and it is not on there, but an interesting thing has just happened. I am trying to copy the disc as per Stevens suggestion but it has just come up "cannot copy Q2561405.CAB data error(cyclic redunduncy check)".
Now what does that mean?

  Djohn 00:54 07 Dec 2003

This is what it says, but what it means applied to your disk, I haven't a clue. j.

The CRC is a very powerful but easily implemented technique to obtain data reliability.

The CRC technique is used to protect blocks of data called Frames. Using this technique, the transmitter appends an extra n- bit sequence to every frame called Frame Check Sequence (FCS).

The FCS holds redundant information about the frame that helps the transmitter detect errors in the frame. The CRC is one of the most used techniques for error detection in data communications. The technique gained its popularity because it combines three advantages:

Extreme error detection capabilities.
Little overhead.
Ease of implementation.

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