Office 2000 - Word / Normal / error

  Novis 13:14 03 Aug 2004

I’ve saved a version of Normal prior to reinstalling Office 2003.

Although I delete the version of Normal installed with Word, when I try to paste the old version into Templates, Word does not open with it.

How can I remedy this so that I can use my old version of Normal?

Many thanks.

  [DELETED] 13:19 03 Aug 2004

Make sure you have given it the correct file extensiom ie

  Taff36 12:25 06 Aug 2004

Which Operating system are you using. If it`s XP you need to put it in your identity`s folder. A typical path is c:\Documents & Settings\{Your identity name}\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates.

XP ensures that every identity can have their own normal template.

  Novis 12:01 09 Aug 2004

Thanks - I'll give this a try.

  Novis 13:02 09 Aug 2004

Doh! unfortunately I don't know how to convert Normal to

c:\Documents & Settings\{Your identity name}\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates.

I found versions of using the Find fuction - tried pasting the version of Normal into Documents and Settings but I still open the default version of Normal.


  Taff36 12:44 10 Aug 2004

Apologies for delay in responding. Can you post the paths for each of the templates for me to look at. Also, was I right in saying you have XP?

  Novis 12:36 12 Aug 2004

I seem to have 10 files - is there a way of copying file extensions? Using the File search fucntion there's seems to be no way of doing it unless manually.

Yes I use Windows XP.

  Taff36 11:17 13 Aug 2004

10 seems excessive - are you on a network or do other people share your computer?

To replace the right one I do need those file locations. To save you typing them all out can you send me a screenshot of the search results. simply press the PRTSCR button (Usually to the right of your F12 key. Open up PAINT and paste the screenshot. (Edit Paste). Save the image and e-mail it to me. I`ll have a look at it on Monday for you.

  Taff36 12:15 20 Aug 2004

From Novis - Sorry not to have been back to you - just too busy with other things. As to a screenshot - how - of what? I don't seem to be able to copy the files in File Finder only look at them. Novis really does mean novice in my case. I'm very grateful to you for your help.

Taff36 Replied:

Pretty busy myself too! Sorry for the delay.

If you follow my instructions from the thread on how to do a screenshot you will end up with one similar to mine attached.

Do your search and with the results on the screen press the PrtScr button in between the F12 and Scroll Lock key. This puts the screen image onto the clipboard. Make sure that the full path is visible on the screen. You may need to play around with the column widths by moving your cursor to the column edges at the top of the window pane and dragging the column wider. Just as you would in Excel for example.

Open Paint (START>ALL PROGRAMS>ACCESSORIES) and the go EDIT>PASTE. followed by FILE>SAVE AS. Name the file "Screenshot" and in the last drop down box select a file type of .GIF. Make a note of where you`re saving it to.

Then send me an e-mail and attach the file called screenshot. I should then be able to see the paths to each of the files and can tell you which one you need to replace. Hope this makes sense if not e-mail me or post back on the thread. Because I shan`t be around over the weekend I will post back on the PCA site so people can see where we are up to and if you keep replying others may pick it up and continue to help over the weekend.

  dave h 14:26 20 Aug 2004

I had a go at this in the thread click here

the way to replace your existing normal .dot is as follows

Open MS Word.

From File menu click ‘Open’ to open a blank document.. make the setiings what you want for your 'Normal template.

From File menu, Click ‘Save As’.

From the ‘Save as Type’ slot at the bottom of the ‘Save As’ box, select ‘Document Template (*.dot)’

Then from the displayed .dot files in the main box, highlight the ‘’ file. Right click on your mouse and select ‘delete’. In the query box, Click ‘Yes’.

Name your file ‘Normal’

Save it

That should put 'Word's normal template right, but I've no idea what to do about the extra copies, they must (obviously) be in other folders.

  Taff36 14:13 02 Sep 2004

I have Office XP which is Word 2002. In XP Pro I have only one template for Word under my profile plus 3 other copies for other profiles and people who share my machine. On your screenshot the first file on the list dated 23/8/04 is your current It is also in the correct location for your profile name which is "A R" under C:\Documents & Settings\A R\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates.

The size of this is stated at 31,744 - I hope that isn`t MB It should be about 31 KB but I can`t tell from the screenshot. There are 8 other files called all of which are 78,848 in size and all dated 4/10/03. Typical locations are C:\Documents & Settings\A R\My documents\install\01.04\ and C:\Documents & Settings\A R\ plus you have 4 copies under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\ and 3 sub files. I think that these are the locations where you have tried to put your preferred version of (Am I right or just guessing?)

The last file is 79,360 in size dated 18/08/03 and located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office. This is the correct location for a typical Word 97 setup.

If you have Word 2002 try this:

In Windows Explorer navigate to C:\Documents & Settings\A R\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates and right click choose rename and call it - then we can rename it back if it all goes pear shaped. Now paste your preferred to the same location. Open Word and see if we succeeded.

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