Office 2000 won't run on XP

  Rubroy 19:30 29 Jun 2003

I was using office 2000 Word processor OK on Win 98. I bought a new PC from Evesham which had Win XP installed. Everything ran Ok for a while, then all went pear shaped. After a lot of problems, including a couple of Windows reinstalls and even a new motherboard, I finally (with the 'help' of Evesham tech service) suffered a blue screen washout and the machine had to go back to Evesham for a check up. It was returned with the information that there is no hardware problem and that all the trouble must have been down to Win XP intolerance of older programmes and/or clashes with twodifferent back-up programmes I had, one of which (HP Simple Trax) I now know to be incompaible with XP. OK, so the system was restored by Evesham to 'original factory settings'. Whereas it previously had no difficulty with Office 2000 or even with Word 97, it now will not run either. They install OK but when I bring up the Winword page, the cursor stays on for about 20 seconds before I get a windows message to say it has a problem and must close. It does so and leaves me with a Microsoft invitation to tell them about it. This I do but MS say they have no solution. Very frustrating- especially as my very old but trusty MS Works 95 still lets me run it's word processor AND still gives acces to all the spread sheets I have on it.

Has anyone out there any answers to getting word 2000 up and running again on XP or this this another MS con to make me spend a LOT of cash on Word XP?

Sorry for the sour grapes but Win XP has done me no favours!

  spikeychris 19:38 29 Jun 2003

Office 2K works fine on XP. There is a problem with disks with the code starting with GC6J3 though.

  User-312386 19:42 29 Jun 2003

I had the same sort of problem

If i remember coreectly i found there was a fault within windows itself

Go to start>run now type sfc /scannow (note the space between sfc and /)

Have your XP disc to hand

  Bluescreen 20:39 29 Jun 2003

Just for the record...I have installed Office 2000pro on my xp with no problems.

  VoG II 21:55 29 Jun 2003

As stated above, Office 2000 will run perfectly happily on XP. I suspect that the Word default document template is corrupt.

Do a search for NORMAL.DOT (enabling search for hidden files and folders). Rename the file to ABNORMAL.DOT

Start Word and see if it's fixed.

  keith-236785 22:18 29 Jun 2003

remove office2000 via control panel/add remove programs
then insert the office cd, cancell the install setup, double click my computer

then right click the cd drive that contains office2000

browse to
(E:)\PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE and double click the file OFFCLN9

(where E: is the letter of the cd drive containing the office2000 cd)

this should remove any stubborn bits of office 2000, when its done, go back to my computer and double click the office2000 cd drive, this will start setup.

good luck, hope it works

  Piqxel 22:23 29 Jun 2003

I have had office installed on both XP Pro and Home in the past and haven ot had any problems.

Hope you sort it out..

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