Office 2000 update SR_1 failed

  Alan136 06:20 10 Aug 2003

I tried to install SR_1 to Office 2000 Professional. The firs part downloaded OK, but my phone line went down during the downloading of the CD2 update. I now get the message:
Office 2000 SR-1 Core Update Update can be run from the current location Office 2000 SR1 CD2 update 13374 KB Estimated time to download: 79 mins.
When I try to download again I get:
Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 update did not complete sucessfully. For assistance contact Microsoft Technical Support.
(But it didn't say how) How can I continue with the update? I am using Windows XP

  JIM 09:10 10 Aug 2003

Try the restore/repair first with original office disks,then go for the updates.

You may have to uninstall updates from the add/remove and start again.Check that you have the right update to install Office 2000 SR1 CD2 ??? update.

If you updated from windows update last time, try the direct download link from below.

click here

click here

click here

click here

  krypt1c 10:46 10 Aug 2003

FYI you can find all the SR pataches for O2k here. They are downloadable files, so you can save them in case you need them again. There are lots of other patches here as well.
click here

  MichelleC 12:42 10 Aug 2003

Or you can set up another d/load manager to be your default - many of the free ones are much more efficient than M$ one.

  Alan136 12:53 10 Aug 2003

Thanks for your comments - especially kryptic for the download site - I shall certainly use that in future. However, the problem is not with Office itself - it is still working fine. It is just that the update will not run. From the error report I would assume that it should be possible as it says it can be run "from the current location", but I don't know how. And is there any way of contacting Microsoft about this, apart from their expensive pay-per-query system?

  JIM 14:37 10 Aug 2003

The update will never run I believe until the
Office 2000 SR-1 Core Updater is properly installed. I believe also this was corrupted during the download. As you reported, phone line went down during the downloading of the CD2 update.

The same happened to me years ago and I had to cleared all office 2000 out plus all registry entries till I was sure nothing was left. But that was Win98.

Office will work as you say because you have installed from the 2000 cd's what you won't be able to achieve is the updates.

As you run Winxp why not try a systems restore.Go back to a checkpoint before the problem,then re-install updates.As long as there were nothing added after the office 2000 updates that you require,you have nothing to lose.

  JIM 14:46 10 Aug 2003

was intending to post this link which the site has for Office 2000 downloads.

click here

  JIM 14:50 10 Aug 2003

if this fails go to PCadvisor downloads and type in Office 2000 for updates and patches etc.

click here

  Alan136 20:20 04 Sep 2003

Thanks for all your help. I downloaded SR1, 2 and 3 from one of the sites mentioned above, and then ran them. It all worked perfectly.

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