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  L_Driver 12:56 01 Mar 2010

Many years ago I bought a full version of Off2000.
After installing I d/loaded (from MS) upgrades to Office 2000 in the following order - SR1A , SP2 , SP3. Tried to install Off 2000 on my sons new laptop. It installed OK BUT running the SR1A upgrade failed with an invalid file size message. Cannot upgrade to SP3 without SR1A being installed . Anyone know anything about this fiasco as the MS site is useless on it ?

  sunnystaines 13:02 01 Mar 2010

you done well to find the updates to office 2000, i thought they had been removed from ms websites.

somewhere i have them saved to a cd.

  sunnystaines 13:08 01 Mar 2010

found my list they are all kb numbers except for SR1A & SP3

SR1A shows 168 kb [seems very small] but i found my saved folder and looked in properties unless its in a condensed format.

where did you find the updates.

  sunnystaines 13:13 01 Mar 2010

had a look on the web they are still there

here is info on SR1A

click here

  L_Driver 13:21 01 Mar 2010

I have the updates on my own Laptop where I saved them originally. I just copied those exes to my sons laptop after installing Off2000 on it successfully. When I run The SR1A update it appears to connect to somewhere ( MS site ) and then fails. The log file contains messages relating to Invalid file size and core file SR1 missing or invalid. SR1A the update that is failing should not require SR1 .. it is an amended version of SR1 which had some problems. It only needs an authentic version of Office 2000.
As stated all these updates ran OK 4 yrs ago when I applied them on my laptop. What has changed ?

  L_Driver 13:44 01 Mar 2010

Yeah ta sunnystaines I found that but still does not work .. same error messages ie Even if I d/load version as on MS site currently. Someone on this forum must have encountered this issue which in all likelihood is MS making it awkward for us cash strapped punters to continue using a still viable product !

  L_Driver 15:28 01 Mar 2010

Solved this. Some info for anyone else in same boat. The upgrade SR1A on my computer and the one available from MS will fail because it attempts to extract something from MS which is no longer currently available ( MS obviously making it unavailable ). The failing exec file is called O2KSR1A.exe. Do a search on O2KSR1ADL.exe and you will find FTP sites containing the full extractable file required for upgrade to SR1A.
You can find a number of sites at -
click here

The SP3 exec I have installs fine after installing SR1A obtained from one of the FTP sites. Ta very, very much to those life saving sites ... OK thats a bit extreme but I am very grateful.

  Batch 15:46 01 Mar 2010

Have you tried Microsoft Update (rather then Windows Update)?

I ask as I know that MS aren't issuing any further updates for O2K, but was wondering, if one uses Microsoft Update, whether it would still download the old updates (e.g. in the case of a reinstall of O2K). The old Office Update capability was dropped (see click here) in favour of Microsoft Update about the same time as updates for O2K ceased.

  Batch 15:53 01 Mar 2010

I've found an answer to my own question on Wikipedia (assuming it is correct) at click here :


Microsoft Office Update was a free online service that allowed users to detect and install updates for certain Microsoft Office products. This update service supported Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007. On 1 August 2009, Microsoft decommissioned the service. Users are now required to use Microsoft Update. However, as Microsoft Update does not work with Office 2000, Office 2000 users no longer have any method of automatically detecting and installing updates. This is not a limitation for existing installations of Office 2000, because the product is no longer supported and so no new updates are being produced. However, it is a serious limitation for anyone re-installing Office 2000.

  ^wave^ 16:18 01 Mar 2010

try this link
click here

  Batch 16:39 01 Mar 2010

the first link within the MS page that you've referred to takes one to a search results for "update 2000". although this might get you to pretty much all the possible updates it would be a devil's own job trying to sort out what's really relevant.

the second link within that page takes one to the now defunct Office Update pages.

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