Office 2000 Outlook and Vista

  popgeoff 14:22 02 Feb 2010

I have Office 2000 Professional on my desktop with XP.
I would like to use it on my laptop which uses Vista Home Premium. I installed Office 2000 on said laptop. Word is fine. However I wanted to use Outlook as my address book but when I try to enter and save data I get the message:- "Unable to find the WAB DLL.
Is there any work round for this.
Advice appreciated. Can't afford to buy a new version of Office.
I suppose I could use Microsoft Works . I have installed "Open Office" which is fine except making an address book looks complicated.
I am getting on a bit (74) so words of one syllable would help ! Many thanks

  GaT7 14:51 02 Feb 2010

Found this on another site:

Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\System

Copy these files...

wab32res.dll C:\Windows\System32

This should fix your problem. G

  popgeoff 11:30 24 Feb 2010

Sorry for lack of reply. Was away for a while
Thanks G I will try that

  Woolwell 12:06 24 Feb 2010
  popgeoff 16:28 26 Feb 2010

G I found the files you mention. However I can't find system 32.Could you point me in the right direction please.

  popgeoff 16:33 26 Feb 2010

Woolweel. Many thanks I will aslo have a look at that

  popgeoff 16:17 03 Mar 2010

Many thanks for all the advice. I have cracked it !!

  GaT7 16:22 03 Mar 2010

Thanks for getting back.

So did copying those files work, or did you do something else? G

  popgeoff 12:53 09 Mar 2010

Crossbow7 sorry for delay in replying. Yes I did as you said and copied those files . Now all ok and thanks again for the help and advice

  popgeoff 12:57 09 Mar 2010

Just one more thing. I still haven't figured out how to transfer (copy) my Outlook Contacts from the desktop to the laptop.

  GaT7 14:37 09 Mar 2010

This should help click here. G

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