Offfice 2003 pro updates

  MIKE. 16:30 12 Dec 2005

Hi folks,
I am trying to download updates for Office 2003 pro. I find every time I try to update I get an error message from Microsoft telling me.

Windows Installer patch files (.MSP files) from previously applied Office updates are missing from the \Windows\Installer hidden directory on your computer. MSP files are stored on your computer after update installation completes because they need to be referenced for future update operations. If the files are missing you will not be able to apply Office updates. You may also be unable to uninstall Office products as a result of the same problem. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.
My question is if my msp file is incorrect how do I go about putting it on the straight & narrow many thanks.

  MIKE. 18:08 12 Dec 2005


  Forum Editor 19:09 12 Dec 2005

and contact Microsoft support. They'll step through the problem with you. The folder in which Windows keeps the .MSP files in some cases is the temp folder, which is what is known as a 'transient source location', and Windows is probably deleting them after the installer has run.

Subsequently the installer tries to find the .MSP files, and can't - triggering the error that you've seen.

Phone Microsoft support.

  MIKE. 21:11 12 Dec 2005

Forum Editor thanks for your advice will do as you say

  MIKE. 09:40 15 Dec 2005

We often critcise Microsoft for being maybe too remote or out of contact with its customers. After using FE advice I contacted Microsoft with my problem and within 24 Hours I had a reply from a Kathy Jia. Her help was precise and layed out a simple flow chart with a couple of tools to download resulting in a succseful outcome. I think a times we do not always give Bill Gates as much credit as we should but on this occasion I felt I needed to give credit where it is due.

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