offering to "safely remove hardware" C Drive!!

  one mega bite 19:57 04 Jul 2007

I have just reformatted my hard drive with great succes (touch wood) so far. One small concern, when i click the safely remove hardware option it offers me the hard drive.

As i will never want to do that (especially in windows) it seems like a dangerous thing to have available.

Could this be my BIOS settings? Set to a removable device perhaps? I dont even like looking in there so i was hoping for a definitive answer on here!

P.S. You guys have been such a help to me over the last few weeks, i feel like i have gained so much knowledge.

Thanks guys.

  Technotiger 20:04 04 Jul 2007

Hi, if you have reformated your hard drive how are you now viewing it? It can't be 'C' cos that is where your OS is.

  SANTOS7 20:05 04 Jul 2007

In the Device Manager, right click HDD, properties, select policies tab,make sure that a box isn't checked to "Optimize for quick removal", or something similar.

  Technotiger 20:06 04 Jul 2007

Or, is the hard drive you have reformatted an external drive? In which case it could show up as a removable device.

  one mega bite 20:44 04 Jul 2007

Technotiger: It is not a removable device and yes my OS is on that drive but i can still see it

Santos: I have tried what you suggested and it is not checked, the box for faster processing is but all boxes and text is greyed out on that screen.

  SANTOS7 20:58 04 Jul 2007

click here

This may help...

  Technotiger 21:04 04 Jul 2007

Hmm, I guess then that after reformatting your drive you then re-installed your OS? Because a re-formatted drive is surely an 'empty' drive.

Read through this, it might offer something to go on, I have not read it all myself ...

click here

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