kirriejim 20:53 14 Mar 2003

hi when i start up o/x i cant d/l messages
error message says
connection to server failed a/c mailbtopenworld.com server
protocol pop3 port 110 secure
socket error 10061

  bremner 20:57 14 Mar 2003

Your settings are incorrect click here

  MAJ 21:01 14 Mar 2003

They are incorrect as bremner says, but that looks like an internal IP address. Do you have any anti-virus software running? If you do, disable it and try again, be careful and don't open any files until you re-activate your AV software.

  kirriejim 21:54 14 Mar 2003

hi i dont have an anti virus running maj i did what bremner said and i was able to d/l some messages before it came up with an other error message
mail.btinternet.com could not be foundplease verify entered server name etc error message0x800cccod thanks jc

  MAJ 22:01 14 Mar 2003

Although this is for Tiscali the basic trouble shooting functions should still be the same, kirriejim. click here

  -pops- 07:18 15 Mar 2003

Quote: "i dont have an anti virus running".

Does this mean you don't use an anti-virus program at all?

If so, that could be considered very unwise and whilst possibly not the cause of your current problem, it could be the reason for future ones.

Do get an anti-virus installed, it needn't cost anything and a quick look through these columns will show suggested ones. Whilt you're at it, look for a firewall as well.


  kirriejim 11:18 15 Mar 2003

thanks maj problem solved
also pops shall get an anti virus +firewall
am new to all this thanks jc

  -pops- 11:35 15 Mar 2003

AVG is well thought of here - and it's freeclick here

For a firewall, I use Outpost free version click here I know that the Forum Editor likes this on as well. Doesn't intrude too much in what you're doing (unlike some)

Also suggest you get adaware click here and Spywareblaster click here to stop intrusive programs looking at your computer


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