OEx and local folders

  hatrickj 15:35 30 Jul 2004

I have created various local folders so that mail can be separated in to recipients but no matter if the folders are in localfolders, name or local folders,inbox, name they all end up in inbox. I am using message rules in form If to line contains people move it to the specifies folder. Whre am I going wrong, please?

  cherria 16:30 30 Jul 2004

I do this in OE without a problem, but just be aware that if somebody sent an email to: A cc: B,C,D

and you have set up rules for user A, B, C, D. All 4 messages will come into your inbox and all of them will go to user A.

Equally, if the message was to: A,B,C they will all go to one of the users, not one to each.

  hatrickj 19:21 30 Jul 2004

have just received a single email addressed to me in one of my account identities, fot example sven.
The properties show 'Delivered to [email protected]'
and it is not until several lines later under Received for that [email protected] name.plus.com appears.

That item also went in to the inbox and not that for sven which is not what I would have expected from your replies.
In the particular set up with my isp have I got to create the rules for [email protected] name.plus.com rather than
[email protected] name.plus.com ?

  hatrickj 08:11 31 Jul 2004


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