OEx 6 address book gets in way!

  hatrickj 14:19 02 May 2004

I have just tried to forward, in accordance with a site's instructions,a message to unsubscribe to a chatroom unconnected with PCA. When I do this I get a dialog box headed "Check address" and Whatever I do I cannot send unless i add address to address book. As this will be a 'one off' I don't see need to do this. Any suggestions to fet round prob.Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 14:57 02 May 2004

Don't know how to get around it as I don't use OE but would suggest that you just add the address to the book and then delete when finished.

  hatrickj 15:08 02 May 2004

Yes. Thanks,Diodorus Siculus, but should'nt I drive OEx not OEx drive me?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:15 02 May 2004

hatrickj - yes, I suppose so. There are lots of alternatives to OE out there - I use Becky from Rimarts.co.jp - excellent program which a huge fan base and user group on Yahoo groups. Cost about US $40 but well worth it.

Eudora, FoxMail, Thunderbird and Pegasus are all worthy free alternatives.

  Steven135 15:27 02 May 2004

OE - Tools - Options - Send Tab untick automatically put people I reply to in my address book

  hatrickj 17:39 02 May 2004

Sorry and thanks for tip but it doesn't make any difference!

  hatrickj 17:47 02 May 2004

Weird so weird but I had been pasting the address in to the to box but when I decided to in-put manually it worked. I'llleve open in case anyone else has a good suggestion or reason why pasting the adress has different effect from manual in-put

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