oem/recovery s/ware with pc? what's the difference

  simongy 21:55 19 Aug 2003

Can someone explain: when you buy a new pc from a high street store- do you get the full version of the operating system? and if not what do you do if your hard-drive or whatever fails?

  Paranoid Android 22:05 19 Aug 2003

It all depends - some system builders give you a 'recovery disk'- which is basically a disk image of the system in a newly installed state. This is OK if you are a novice who wants to reset your machine to 'as bought' condition, but no use at all for re-installing or configuring Windows.

Ideally all systems should come with an original Windows CD (after all, you have to pay for a licence), but unfortunately it's not an ideal world.


  Forum Editor 23:12 19 Aug 2003

in the latest edition of the magazine. It's a Q&A with Microsoft's UK licencing manager, and may help to clarify one or two points for you.

  woody 23:44 19 Aug 2003

If we all refused to buy a comp unless we got a genuine MS CD - we would be better off.

  Forum Editor 23:47 19 Aug 2003

I think we would be a bit worse off, because we would have to pay the extra cost of a full retail version.

  woodchip 00:03 20 Aug 2003

They do not include OEM XP in a Computer for free. Just check the price OS not included label, to keep the price down.

  rev.bem 00:04 20 Aug 2003

Full retail or oem?

  woodchip 00:10 20 Aug 2003

Restore disc is OK while the Hard drive works. If it's got a Hidden partition and you do not Image it and the hard drive goes down that's everything up the spout and can cost a fortune to replace OS and software

  User-312386 00:11 20 Aug 2003

Ok folks heres the pros and cons

On the one hand if we were all to get the Full disc, and not the "restore disc" then the cost of the disc would be a lot more.

On the other hand i believe that M$ makes enough money and the retailer should give you the complete O/S disc, you have paid for the licence, so why should you not have the disc?

there are so many arguments for this.

When i was new to computers, i would not have known what to do if i had to re-format etc etc. However, i had a "restore disc and floppy" and all you had to was pop them both in the drive and that was it.

So as you can see there are 2 sides to the coin.

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