OEM XP Format frozen

  Danoh 22:04 31 Jul 2004

After some boot-up problems click here I tried to format my HDD prior to a clean install of XP home.

Starting up with my OEM XP CD, I'd deleted the existing partition, created a new one using the default largest size and went on to the next Setup step of reformating (full).

However this has stayed stuck on 0% progress on the progress-bar display for several hours. Is the HDD terminal, or is there something else I could try. N/B I was able to access the data on the HDD setup as a slave to another. Should I try the "quick" reformat despite advice to the contrary?

  Chegs ® 22:41 31 Jul 2004

Try using the hdd wiping tool on the Ultimate CD that leaves you with a "secure" hdd(no need to go mad and select "Government Agency" wiping,basic one will do)Then attempt to get the XP CD to format the drive again,try "Quick" first,if this fails,then retry the "Full" job again,but if it hasn't moved after 1/2 hr,give up as it looks like a dead drive.There are also a bunch of hdd test apps from various companies/individuals(MaxBlast,etc)if you want to try them too(if your bored)

  Danoh 23:12 31 Jul 2004

I thought I'd try a bit of patience, waited a bit and did a cold re-boot. The "quick" format is going through at the moment. Then all that tedium of installing SP1 and other apps after.

Guess it'll give me a chance to try out Drive Image7 which I'd acquired a few months ago for its auto-backup to CD functionality as well as the "ghosting" ability which should short-cut the next serious incident similar to this one!!

Sods law that it would happen just before the best weekend weather we've had so far in the UK!!

  Chegs ® 23:26 31 Jul 2004

I am beginning to doubt if the sun still actually exists.Since my daughter "broke" for the holidays,my nights have started when I get up,and finished hours after I get to bed again.Thru night,I am formatting/reinstalling the whole shebang,trying desperately to get some stability(lastnite it crashed mid post!)then attempting to get an obstinate video to render(I found the problem earlier tonite,the video file itself was corrupted.This kept crashing the whole lot in the last 15mins of rendering)and with it crashing its wrecked my "Video Editting app"so I had to use Win MovieMaker(after I d/l version 2 from M$ as original version kept crashing the PC which was why I installed the other app)On I go,round and round and round and... :-)

  Danoh 23:58 31 Jul 2004

Know the feeling!! However, my 13yr old who can spit venom from 30 paces was moved sufficiently on my saving his 73 page masterpiece over the last 3 months, to give me the first hug in what feels like years! Contrast that with the Win95, "bare bones" PC which they treat with graphical disdain, running faultlessly for 2+ yrs upstairs now.

Time to get another machine for the youngsters me thinks.

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