OEM Windows98SE with new motherboard

  cop 18:53 11 Feb 2003

If I upgrade the motherboard on my Dell will I be still be able to install Windows from the Dell supplied disk?

Alternatively will the new system run the windows installed on the original hard drive which has a HyperOS multi windows system on it? (all versions of windows being from the Dell disk)

Thanks in anticipation

  Sir Radfordin™ 18:57 11 Feb 2003

It will depend on what the Dell disk was like. If you have been able to install HyperOS then it sounds like you have a full Win98 disk.

Only problem may be a lack of drivers. I recently tried to use a Dell XP Pro disk on a non-dell PC and it wouldn't install because the graphics card drivers weren't present.

Win98 doesn't have any of the problems of WPA so as long as you have the correct drivers you should be ok.

It is normamly advisable to do a clean install when you add a new mobo to a PC because of the problems that can exist with drivers, though you can get away with not doing it. Just expect to see lots of "new hardware found" messages when you first use the new mobo with old hard drive.

  cop 19:34 11 Feb 2003

I have just tried to install from the Dell Windows disk over Windows98 (not SE) on another machine and got the message "your computer already has an operating system installed, which cannot be upgraded by this version of Setup. You need to obtain the Windows 98 Upgrade. Message SU0168."

I guess that answers my first question do you think the original disk will work for me until I can get a new OS?

  MMC 20:05 11 Feb 2003

The Dell supplied cdrom is bootable - you have to change the boot order to cdrom first in the bios! But if you try it on a non-dell motherboard (non-dell bios) it will fail as it tests specifically for a dell bios. If you use it on your existing dell motherboard it will completely format and overwrite all your existing software. It reverts your hard drive to the "brand new" state it was in when you took delivery. Hope this helps.

  cop 20:50 11 Feb 2003

Do you think my original hard disk with windows98SE loaded on it from the Dell CD will function when the original Dell motherboard is removed from the system? I appreciate this is not an ideal situation but I need it as a stop gap.

  MMC 20:56 11 Feb 2003

Yes it should, but be prepared for lots of driver issues. The new mobo might also detect the Hard drive parameters differently in the bios, resulting in cross-linked files, blue screen of death, etc. When you first start up after installing the new mobo, go into windows in safe mode and delete everything in the device manager - yes, everything! The entries there relate to the old mobo and are just slowing the machine down and bloating your registry. Restart the pc and install the drivers supplied on cd with your new pc. Good luck!

  cop 22:37 11 Feb 2003

thanks, looks like I'll need it!

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