Oem win7/win10 mother board/cpu change

  Mudchute 13:28 13 Sep 2015

Hi all,

I put together a pic for games recently using an fx6300 and Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P Motherboard. I've quickly realised this wasn't suitable for the games I want to play so I have here a I5 4690k/Gigabyte Z97 GA-Z97P-D3 ATX Motherboard to use.

I've used an oem win7 then upgraded to win10 via the insider programme.

Will I face issues with windows or can I screw it together and fire it up?

I also have 3 sizeable games downloaded via steam and origin, will I need to download them again?

Thank you all.

  Mudchute 15:05 16 Sep 2015

Well, I went for it. I assembled the board and fired it up. It booted fine after automatically making adjustments for the detected new hardware and that was it. I loaded the chip drivers that came with the gigabyte motherboard and It's ticking along perfectly atm and Arma 3 is a silky smooth pleasure. I didn't need to adjust my origin or steam accounts either. Easy!

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