OEM versions of Windows XP

  wx622 20:27 08 Dec 2003

Does anyone know if there are any severe disadvantages in buying an OEM version of Windows XP Pro? I know you do not get support from microsoft, but I don't care about that. Is there anything I need to know before buying?

  Quiller. 20:31 08 Dec 2003

Apart from no support from Mr. Gates, there is no difference. Technically you are only supposed to get an OEM version with a bit of hardware.

Plus side. It's cheaper.:-)

  Gaz 25 20:38 08 Dec 2003

OEM is normally for computer companies, or people building their own PC.

I get OEM versions all the time, but therefore have a Trade supplier, that will provide it to me without hardware.

If buying from the highstreet you need to buy along with hardware.

The OEM is NO different from the Retail version, exempt there is no support.

  ericmax 23:33 08 Dec 2003

Been using XP Pro OEM for some time now ,works just fine and less than half the price.Bought it from these people click here

  minter 00:06 09 Dec 2003

An OEM version is intended only for the one build, supposedly when you are building you own setup. Hence the supposed need to purchase hardware with it. So when your computer dies, so in effect does your copy of Windows.

In effect once your motherboard is kaput so is the OEM version of Windows.

If you purchase a full retail version you can swap it at a later date.

If you intend to keep your computer for a few years get the OEM version - it is just the same as the retail one but a lot, lot cheaper.

  wx622 09:52 09 Dec 2003

Cheers all. I was going to use Spellsoftware, and I have used them before to buy OEM versions of other software apart from OS's, but I wondered if with the extra licensing in XP there would be any drawbacks. What exactly does "no support" mean? Does it just mean I won't have a phone number to ring? Can I still use Windows Update?

  Djohn 11:00 09 Dec 2003

Yes you can use the up-date feature, even contact Microsoft by e-mail for assistance.

With the retail version you can Phone Microsoft, and speak to one of their technicians for help/advice, but only twice on each product, then you have to pay the going rate.

When you contact them for help with a problem, they, [Microsoft] will open a "Ticket" this will remain open until the problem is solved, no matter how long it takes. So you may make endless phone calls on that one problem free until the problem is solved, then the ticket is closed.

Once you have used up your 2 free lives you then start paying. I had a very innocuous question to ask, regarding "publisher", Could have phoned PC World where I bought the product, or asked here in the helproom. I thought I would go straight to the top and speak to Microsoft.

On being connected, they informed me of the above and asked if I wanted to continue with the question, I said, No thank you and obtained the answer elsewhere, saving my 2 precious lives.

after using your free help sessions you will be charged £185.00 plus vat for each session, Not call but session. Remember a session will remain open until the problem is cured. j.

  spuds 11:36 09 Dec 2003

The support of OEM software as been discussed on a number of occassions within the forum. I believe the general view by Microsoft is that the OEM retailer should give you the support required. I have always queried this statement, more so recently with a retailer. Their reply was that they cannot offer any support, try Microsoft or one of the Microsoft forums.

Regarding purchasing OEM software, you can get bargains if you shop around.

  wx622 18:52 09 Dec 2003

Thanks! Much appreciated!

  mrdsgs 21:13 09 Dec 2003

I have bought OEM XP Prop for under £100 and all went well with installation.

Updates and activation also exactly the same as the retail version


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