OEM software what is it

  richierich 21:17 10 Apr 2003

Please explain what is OEM software. Ive seen advertised Win 2000pro OEM version for £95 ex vAT, seema alot cheaper than non OEM. Is it just packaging or somthing else

  Djohn 21:21 10 Apr 2003

For software, then yes, it's just the packaging. J.

  richierich 21:28 10 Apr 2003

what is it if its for hardware then?

  Simsy 21:39 10 Apr 2003

"Original Equipment Manufacturer" i.e. a system builder. Because it's cheaper for a system builder ther is usually a requirement to purchase hardware at the same time as software to prove that you are a genuine system builder. I suppose it's a bit like getting a trade discount and having to prove you are a genuine trader.

In terms of content, OEM hardware can be very bare... for example when purchasing a CD writer as a retail purchase you would normally expect to get some software bundled... with an OEM you probably wouldn't.

That's the basic plot... the detail varies in each instance. i hope that helps,



  Ironman556 21:42 10 Apr 2003

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. PC builders use OEM stuff on new computers. I think it's just the same product without flashy boxes and without manuals. I'm not sure if they're meant to be sold to the general public, I think there may be slightly different licensing, eg. no tech support, but I'm not too sure about that.

  Ironman556 21:44 10 Apr 2003

ah, beaten to it...

  richierich 21:46 10 Apr 2003

Thanks people. it all makes sense.
Does £95 plus VAT soun right for OEM win 2000pro or anyone know any better deals, thanks in advance

  Patr100 21:46 10 Apr 2003

Strictly speaking OEM software should only be sold with hardware such as a hard disk or motherboard, or with a PC.

  BigMoFoT 21:56 10 Apr 2003

All the above postings are spot on..but the real clincher is that any OEM graded software does not entitle you to any support whatsoever from the manufacturer..for example if you bought XP Pro on an OEM liscense then you cannot ring Microsoft for any technical support..but if you had the full retail software of XP Pro (around £200) then you are entitled to full technical help and support!

  Djohn 22:06 10 Apr 2003

I agree with what has been said above, but as to "what is qualifying hardware". Well I telephoned M/S to ask this very question, and the person I spoke to gave this reply.

"Any hardware that is esential to the correct opperation of your PC" I then asked if a key board would come under this catagory, and he said, "Can you use your PC without one"

I replied that I did not know of any way, and his reply was, "Then you have your answer". J.

  DieSse 22:39 10 Apr 2003

OEM software certainly does entitle you to support. Most PCs are supplied with an OEM version of WinXP - with which you get regular support from MS, just as if you had bought the retail version.

What OEM really means is "for sale to system builders" - ie, not the general public. I know some suppliers sell OEM equipment to the general public, but that isn't what it was originally intended for.

What you get for OEM as opposed to Retail versions can vary widely - there are no set rules. For instance I buy OEM LG CD-writers - they come with cable, fixing screws, documentation, and a copy of Nero. OEM CD-writers from Sony come with nothing at all - not even a single sheet of paper. So you can't generalise about what OEM products are, or come with.

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