OEM Software Spam

  Pesala 12:25 14 Sep 2004

Recently I started getting loads of spam from these people dns8brandeis.com curious text in the bottom of the email:

curtis deserveheadwall niamey slobmetallurgist buxton diemsalve kowloon sorttrevelyan expositor acrobatabusive citizen crystallographygirth dispense electronicraceway anastomosis incorrectbette alginate axiomaticdepose burst derisioncitywide delinquent corruptiondunn ecole negligeespider simplicity gainesurging aide brendanphosgene tuna yesteryearcultivate effort clockworkbroaden attitude trespassrailhead frye cuckoobarrage fluoride indictflush refute wightmaneffeminate rustle camelopardupland mynah bawdanticipate appetite mccabearbitrary carborundum shadybroom acculturate denebolachromium dewy metaboliteamass ecclesiastic auralpulsar stefan macassarshear eric knobbyswitchboard wade mcdanielupholster chromatograph corrallundquist author dysenteryinsult wiggly ashyptarmigan testament enticearlen canine croonbedridden abolition warrenalbanian ingenious abortdwarf bought decollimategaiety

Anybody recognise this stuff or know why Spam Assassin doesn't block it?

  Pesala 12:28 14 Sep 2004

I got that from the email header. This is the text of the message:

Looking for not expensive high-quality software?
We might have just what you need.
Check out these amazing offers

Microsoft Office XP Professional 2002 .... $60
Corel Draw Graphics Suite 11 ............. $60
Windows XP Professional 2002 ............. $50
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ..................... $60

See the whole inventory here... http:/ /lorinda.oemmarket.info/

  €dstowe 13:33 14 Sep 2004

Hundreds of similar rubbish emails are trapped by the BT-Yahoo Spam Trap on my setups.

Ask Spam Assassin why they are failing you.

Note: take care with these random word emails. Some are known to contain nasties.

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