Oem or retail hard drive?

  SB23 12:02 29 Dec 2005

First I must apologise for bringing my hard drive problems here again,but as I have said before, I know which one I am going to buy,and where I'm going to get it from.
As I have been looking I've noticed that some are labelled oem and others are retail.I have had a look on the forum and other places,and my understanding is that oem will be just the drive (no leads etc,etc),and retail would be as if I had bought from a shop,(inc leads,software etc).As all I am doing is quite literally replacing my existing HD,which one do I need,and what would I need,if anything,with it?

  007al 12:13 29 Dec 2005

OEM will do you fine.You dont need the leads or anything,so save the extra money and just buy the drive.
What size hard disc are you looking to get?

  Devil Fish 12:15 29 Dec 2005

If you are replacing a drive providing the existing power leads/connectors and ribbons are in good working order it is a straight swap one out one in on the same connectors

  woodchip 12:16 29 Dec 2005

Also they put easy setup software and other programs on a CD but these can be downloaded from site free In the Retail box. OEM is all you need

  Diemmess 12:24 29 Dec 2005

To replace like with like the oem version will do exactly that.

A possible complication would be from buying a different type (SATA) HD when the old one is not that of the usual IDE type.

Another snag (correctable)would be to buy a huge capacity one when using an old version of Windows. Such an OS would need to be 'deceived' into acceptance, because hundreds of Gb was unthinkable when the OS was written.

  SB23 12:30 29 Dec 2005

Will probably be same as I've got now,80 Gb and from Seagate,despite this one failing,Seagate seem to be one of the best.As someone said in one of my other threads,I've just been unlucky.

  007al 12:40 29 Dec 2005

I use an 80Gb sata seagate for windows and its fine.I use 160 maxtor IDE for storage and had to replace it twice this year.
For IDE click here
For SATA click here

  SB23 12:53 29 Dec 2005

Would you believe thats the one that I've been looking at,(IDE link)think it should be fine for my needs.
Gonna tick as resolved as you've all said what I was thinking.Oem it is.
Thanks everyone

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