OEM Operating System

  rsedw 11:52 20 Sep 2008

I have an old computer that is running under Windows XP Media Centre 2005.
I have experienced many problems, some due to Viruses, to the extent that I want to completely strip the computer and reload Windows XP.
I have a recovery system, that is built into the computer, which is supposed to take the computer back to its original state when I bought it. When I tried to run this recovery system it would not work, suggesting that it has also become corrupted,
I was not supplied with a Windows disk by Dell.
I have been looking into buying a new copy of Windows XP and have seen several companies selling 'OEM' versions that are downloadable.
Does anyone know if these can be saved to another computer and then either copied to a memory stick or a DVD/CD and then be loaded to my Dell computer.
This would allow me to use the copy again if it were required. Also is it acceptable to buy and use these OEM versions or do I need to be a dealer/manufacturer?
Thank you very much for any help/advice supplied.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:33 20 Sep 2008

"have seen several companies selling 'OEM' versions that are downloadable"

Sounds very dodgy.

If you get an OM veresion make sure you have it on a proper CD SEALED and with Serial Number.

"is it acceptable to buy and use these OEM versions"

Yes MS license you to use the disk on one machine , but it dies with the machine.

See if you can "borrow" a media center CD from someone and use that to format the drive and load on your machine BUT use your own serial number on the sticker at th rear of the machine. This is legal to do.

  Strawballs 12:33 20 Sep 2008

You can buy an OEM but you are suppose to buy it with a complete system or at the least when buying a new motherboard I personally would only buy it on a disc with the product code sticker supplied.

PLEASE NOTE - In order to comply with the terms of the licence this software must be bought with a qualifying non-peripheral hardware component, such as a hard drive, motherboard, memory, CPU, etc. This was taken from the Novatech site.
click here

  thms 12:37 20 Sep 2008

You can do as Fruit Bat says but be aware that you will need the drivers for your Dell computer these will not be available on the media centre disc.

Have you had a look here click here
You could also contact Dell and see if they will sent you a disc. There may be a price to pay for this though.

  Ozy 14:12 20 Sep 2008

i am sure that i have read somewhere that
microsoft waved the stipulation that you must
buy cpu ,hard disk, etc, to buy an OEM,
this still aplies to the top firms that sell
internet security OEM's

  AL47 15:14 20 Sep 2008

just download and stored the dell drivers for your machine, especially the ones that let you use the internet

my dell laptop came with a XP MCE disc and my new one a vista disc

mine never asks for a serial on either disc

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