oem hard drives

  futurhead 11:29 12 Apr 2005

i`ve just placed an order for a new hard drive, after having to upgrade to the next size hard drive the sales rep told me most hard drives sold online are oem, i`ve bought the drive but is getting the drivers going to be a pain in the behind. are most hard drives sold as oem

  ventanas 11:46 12 Apr 2005

Assuming this is an internal drive you don't need any driver. Windows will detect the drive automatically, but you will need to enable it in the bios.

  PsiFox 11:48 12 Apr 2005

Not quite sure what you are asking but HDD's do not have drivers, unless you have bought a SATA drive which will need drivers for the controller.

If this is the case these will have been supplied with the mobo, unless the mobo is not sata compliant in which case you will need an add on pci card.

With traditional pata drives the only problem you may face is dependent on the size of the drive (GB) and the ability of yoour mobo to recognise it (may need a bios upgrade)

  futurhead 11:48 12 Apr 2005

cheers thats sets my mind at ease.

  futurhead 11:53 12 Apr 2005

psi fox, it is a sata drive but the mobo has inbuilt sata controller so i have the drives with that. although the only reference to them is in the context of raid. without loading the cd rom an looking i`m guessing i`ll need to load the drivers for the sata raid controller but just not set up a raid array. does this sound right

  PsiFox 12:09 12 Apr 2005

Assume this is XP
Is the drive going to be the primary i.e. C drive with a new windows install.

If this is the case when you start the windows install it asks you to press F6 to install other drivers.(having first enabled sata in bios)

you will probably need to copy the drivers from the CD to a floppy as this is where it will look for the drivers. Then just carry on with the install as usual.

If it is a secondary drive then enable it in the bios.

After booting into windows go to control panel, open administrative tools, computer management, under storage double click disk management and look for your drive you can format it here too.

  jack 12:17 12 Apr 2005

Sticking my nech out a bit here I gues but from what I gather sata/raid and all that can be yet another can of worms .
A friend who purchased a top of the range Evesham
has the system go all funny- He called in their engineer- who said and I quote ' This Sata/Raid lark is intended for mainframe/mini systems' not PC's and recommended the system be reverted to 2 plain vanilla ISA drives - which he did and the machine has been fine ever since.
All hard drives are ISA and the 'Raid' bit is an extra.
All it does after all is to present two physical
drives to read as one - What is the hardship to swapping files between drives?

  futurhead 14:17 12 Apr 2005

psifox thats perfect . it is xp the new drive will b primary on a new install .checked the package with the mobo and the drives are already on a floppy and u`ve just explained it as they do in the user guide ( although they make it sound more complicated as they give various other steps to cover bootable drive /non bootable and various raid array set ups)

thanks for the help . i`ll try and stick to one thread at a time.. :-)

re jack raid 0 stripe or raid 1 mirror does seem more hassle than its worth unless you have storage issues or you really know what your doing . i agree if i need extra space i`ll just add a second drive and store files on there

  TomJerry 14:34 12 Apr 2005

these are only differences comparing with Retail version

  PsiFox 14:42 12 Apr 2005

NP :)

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