Ade_1 22:04 04 May 2006

Hi, i am wanting to purchase a DVDRW Drive. It is the following - click here

It says its an OEM version however i cant find a "non" OEM version. Does the same rules apply for this DVDRW that would apply for WINXP Home for example?

I am slightly confused about this as i know certain rules apply for OEM. Help would be appriciated

Thanks in Advance

  phono 22:08 04 May 2006

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer, the drive will probably come as a bare drive, IE, no cables, software, manual or fancy box. other than that there is usually no difference.

  ed-0 22:10 04 May 2006

When you buy OEM hardware it is completely different from windows XP OEM.

OEM on hardware means that you are buying the bare product. It will probably have no fancy package and certainly no software. While the retail version will have a nice colourfull box and the software to watch DVD movies and burn DVD disks.

You will NOT get that software with an OEM version.

You CAN put it into any computer you want, as long as the computer will run it.

  ventanas 22:10 04 May 2006

It just means that its a barebones drive. No burning software, cables and maybe not even any screws. If you don't already have something like Roxio or Nero you will have to purchase these additionally. But installing the drive is perfectly legal. Hardware doesn't have the same rules as software. But watch out for the probable lack of fixing screws.

  Ade_1 22:11 04 May 2006

Right, thanks for the help, would you suggest going for a Retail version would be a better option?

  ventanas 22:13 04 May 2006

Depends if you need the software. But even when included it is often a special cut down version. lacking some of the features that the full option has.

This machine has two OEM drives and Roxio 8 retail version.

  ed-0 22:14 04 May 2006

If you do not have any up todate burning software and no software for watching DVD's, then it would be false economy buying an OEM version.

For the same or a few pounds more you could get a retail one as good or maybe better.

  Ade_1 22:14 04 May 2006

Yeh, i could do with some screws, i have PowerDVD and Sonic burning software. But just not sure wheather to go for OEM or Retail but theres alot more OEM, well thats what i have found anyway.

  Ade_1 22:17 04 May 2006

Ok, Thanks Ed, im mainly looking on Savastore as i have used them previously and like them, and they have alot of OEM, im not wanting to spend a huge amount. I will check Ebuyer and Novatech, also im looking for a black one as the front on my PC is black.

Thanks for all the Advice everyone.

  ed-0 22:20 04 May 2006

retail boxed, but in beige:-( click here

You can change the bezels:-)

  DieSse 22:21 04 May 2006

OEM does not always mean no software - I used to frequently buy OEM LG drives for system building, which had OEM versions of Nero, an IDE cable, and mounting screws. At the same time Sony OEM drives came with nothing apart from the drive.

So you never can tell what you will get (unless you ask).

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