partyboy17uk 09:58 22 Mar 2003

Hi there,
I was wondering what OEM means, it says it at the end of some Creative Soundcards on the web;

'Creative® Soundblaster LIVE! Player 5.1 OEM'
'Creative® SoundBlaster Audigy OEM'

Is a different connection type to PCI or does it mean something else?

  hoverman 10:03 22 Mar 2003

Look here: click here

  Eagie 10:05 22 Mar 2003

From Dabs.COM: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) items are supplied "as is" and will not include any extra software that may be present with a retail boxed version. .Generally they ARE supplied with drivers but this is not always the case (e.g. CD-ROM drives, network cards, mice). These drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturers web site.

They also may come without a manual and the box will be plain rather than a nice glossy version.

Basically they are for people who know what they are doing so can save money by not getting all the un-needed extras.

  Shanks 10:09 22 Mar 2003

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

If you purchase an OEM item you will get the product in plain, unmarked packaging without any 'extras' such as printed manuals, extra cabling, fixings, or software. Drivers, where necessary, are usually included in OEM products.
Retail items on the other hand are the same as you would buy in the highstreet - a nice shiny box with manuals, software, fixings and everything else you need to get started. Retail items are therefore usually slightly more expensive than OEM items.


  partyboy17uk 10:20 22 Mar 2003

Thanks for the help.
Thats pretty nice to know.

I found 2 SoundBlaster Live 5.1 cards. One was 44 UK pounds and then the OEM one was only 25 pounds. Makes a lot of difference!

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