OE6 To Windows live

  catpwss 15:59 03 Feb 2011

Hi,I'm trying to import my OE6 emails into windows live email 2011,I have only one email setup now when I select to import then select where the OE6 emails are saved then I select all folders then next then they all seemed to be going somewhere but upon looking in WLM the are not to be found,but the second time i tried I found them in a folder called import folder.But I thought that they would come in my email page as under inbox etc.Another thing is the inbox is on the bottom not the top.
Where am I going wrong,'Help needed PLEASE'

  bremner 16:16 03 Feb 2011

That is normal for them to be shown as Imports.

You can drag and drop them into your Inbox if that is where you want them.

  catpwss 16:20 03 Feb 2011

Where is the toobar in WLM ??
Thanks for reply.

  Terry Brown 16:53 03 Feb 2011

There is a betteer option, if you still have your emails on your old computer (XP ?)

Create a new folder on your harddrive (preferably Desktop)

Open OE6 and the new folder together (Half screen each(

Highlight the Emails you want to keep, and drag them to the new folder. They will be saved as EML files with the subject as the title.

You can then treat them like any other file, e.g. copy to Thumb drive and place on your windows 7 computer, open and edit, or copy them to a word processor for further work.

  bremner 18:14 03 Feb 2011

WLM has the Microsoft ribbon and I have not a means of changing it to the Classic View ie with a menu bar.

  birdface 19:43 03 Feb 2011

If you have both e-mail accounts on the one computer go to options on windows live mail.
Import messages.And then click on Outlook express.

  bremner 19:47 03 Feb 2011

That is what catpwss has done.

It is just that they are not happy that the import has not gone directly into their Inbox only to a folder called Import.

  birdface 19:56 03 Feb 2011

Thanks obviously I never read the problem correctly.

  catpwss 17:22 04 Feb 2011

Thanks,All sorted now.Your help again.c.

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