OE6 Weirdness

  PaulB2005 15:21 29 Oct 2007

Anyone heard of this problem?

New Win XP PC all worked ok for about a week.

If i open OE6 to write an e-mail you can't write anything in the message part of the window. To: and Subject are fine. See click here 92kb JPG

Log out (not reboot) and log in and OE6 works fine until you reboot.

Reinstalled OE6 & IE7. Fully patched.

Any ideas?

  BurrWalnut 15:45 29 Oct 2007

Although I'm on Windows Mail, the little pane on the left doesn't look right to me.

What happens when you click on the 'X'?

  PaulB2005 15:54 29 Oct 2007

The panes are fine, however the message pane has become see through and shows the Folders and Contacts panes underneath. The X belongs to the Contacts pane. You can't click it through the New Message Window.

  DieSse 15:55 29 Oct 2007

In the image you can see through the message pane to what's underneath - so there's something odd with the display at that moment.

Can you post an image where you have filled in To and Subject please.

What actually happens when you click in the message area (when it's failed).

  DieSse 15:59 29 Oct 2007

I also notice you're not using the standard XP style for your windows - any special reason why? Do things change if you do?

  PaulB2005 16:06 29 Oct 2007

It's not my PC and I'm not near it now.

When you click in the message area nothing happens. The cursor occasionally disappears but comes back once you move the mouse outside the box.

The Standard XP Style is the choice of the owner. Everything worked fine last week, with these settings.

Note that logging off and logging on again fixes the problem every time. Tried a new user account and settings up a new identity in OE but neither made a change.

  PaulB2005 08:56 31 Oct 2007

"Fixed" by restoring back to factory settings...

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