oe6 probs

  2CV6 11:09 22 Mar 2003

I used oe5 with no problems, then went to oe6 and have a few now. It crashes or freezes up after being left on for a time. I press ctrl/alt/delete and it says oe not responding. I get rid of it and reload and it's ok then freezes after a while.Also when first message is selected it takes about 10 secs to come through. It sounds like the programme is reloading or something as the computer is whiring away.Never had this with oe5.Also now and again it won't open a message and states not enough memory. Can I increase the memory? or what causes this. Any ideas.Thanks 2cv6.

  Andsome 12:18 22 Mar 2003

When I tried OE6 with 98SE I had problems and had to go back to 5.5. It seems to depend on your computer. What is your operating system? If it is lower that XP why not go back to 5.5? Others will tell you that they have had no trouble using OE6 with 98SE, 98, or even 95, well so be it, but I could not run is properly untill I got my new machine with XP Home.

  2CV6 09:20 24 Mar 2003

Thanxs, I'll go back to 5.5 .

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