OE6 Failure to send Email from Outbox

  griffon 56 00:18 25 Jan 2005

Today I wrote 3 emails and put them in the Outbox. For each mail I got the notification that it would be sent when I went online. That didn't happen. The first one went and duly appeared in the Sent box, but the other two will not budge. I've copied them to and from folders in OE6 to try to make the system think they are new, but they will not go.

I'm running AVG7 and ZA5.5 in a Win98SE system and when I first went online but before the automatic mail sending started, the AVG proxy server went to my ISP checked the mails there for viruses and downloaded 15. Ten of them had the I-Worm/NetskyQ infecting them and were automatically quarantined by AVG in its Virus Vault from which I deleted them.

Another one had the Worm but since it purported to come from a business with which I had dealings some time ago, I emailed them a warning before trying to send the unsent mails. The Worm infested mail is still in my Inbox though I haven't opened the attachment because of what is in it. Could it be affecting the sending of mail on my system, and what can I do about it?

  hugh-265156 00:42 25 Jan 2005

who is your isp please? can you access your mail server online and delete it?

try mailwasher click here you can safely preview any mail without the fear of being infected. better still you can blacklist any isp or address with this and you will never get spam from them again. set up a friends list to make sure your contacts get through.

  griffon 56 01:18 25 Jan 2005

Hi huggy71,

AVG7 already acts as a proxy server by going to Onetel, my ISP, and vetting the emails there for viruses. I must say, I thought that any detected would be left where they are or deleted right away, but that is not how it works. AVG downloads them straight into its Virus Vault, where they are quarantined, where you can look at them without becoming infected and restore them to health if you recognise any as genuine messages. The 10 I mentioned were obviously spam already so I deleted them right away. The remaining one I left in the Inbox only to reply to it by creating a fresh email with a proper address found on the apparent sender's bona fide website. I am waiting for an answer before I do anything like sending the offending email to them, because I know it has the Worm in its attachment and I wouldn't want to be accused of infecting them if it's a case of them being used as a proxy by the bastard who sent it.

Tanks for the link to Mailwasher.

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