OE6 email attachment checking gone walkies

  Chris the Ancient 19:27 01 Sep 2003

I have had family with me that have used my computer. Yup, they fiddled with things they shouldn't!

In OE6 on an XP Home setup, whenever I got an e-mail with an attachment (a regular and necessary thing for me), when I first click on the paperclip, yes I get a drop-down with the item file name and a 'save' option. But, before the visitors, I used to get a 'double-check' when i clicked on the file name reminding me that opening an attachment might be a bit iffy along with a tick box saying 'don't show this message again'.

Methinks some kind person ticked the box for me! Because now I don't get that 'double check'.

I've been through all the options and can't find anything that might be a check box that will restore that 'double check'.

Any ideas?



  Chris the Ancient 14:28 02 Sep 2003

Hoping for an answer when I get home tonight ;0)

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