OE6 - Cannot automatically maximise message

  User-423BB756-DC04-407F-92FD256950F3324D 12:18 03 Feb 2003

Outlook Express 6
When I double click to open an email message it opens minimised and I have to manually maximise it, when I close it and open the next email it is also minimised.

What do I have to change to have messages automatically maximised when I open them? I,ve tried Tools, Options but nothing there appears to allow for this?

  JoeC 12:27 03 Feb 2003

what you want, but try this: right click your OE6 icon in the system tray and select properties.In the Run box, make sure maximised is selected. Apologies if this isn't what you meant. : }

Correct this is not the problem, OE6 already openes maximised. It's the messages I open that are minimised that I want to be opened maximised

  JoeC 12:46 03 Feb 2003

I only click once on an email for it to show. I am not exactly clear on what you mean - do you mean the preview pane is too small ? If not can you explain in depth ?

  JoeC 12:49 03 Feb 2003

in Outlook Express > View > Layout to see if there is anything there which may assist you ? : }

  MAJ 12:55 03 Feb 2003

I think popdiga is not using the preview pane, JoeC.

popdiga, open one email, drag it to the size you want, minimise it to the taskbar, open a second email, drag it to the larger size, if it isn't already that larger size, minimise it to the taskbar also, then close the first one you dragged larger. Now open a third email, it should open at the larger size and windows will remember this and open them at that size from now on.

  MAJ 12:58 03 Feb 2003

I forgot to say, popdiga, close the first email you dragged, before opening the third.

  watchful 12:59 03 Feb 2003

If you go to the edges of the window you can re-size it to whatever you want by dragging.
Next time you open it should open at the new size.

  MAJ 12:59 03 Feb 2003

Ooops I did say that, I'm away for another tablet.

  JoeC 13:02 03 Feb 2003

it is all becoming clear now ( I think !! ). Right clicking on the header and selecting open ? If it isn't, I am done for as my head is beginning to hurt......... : }

My current set up shows two 2 Windows one for "Folders" and the other shows the email headings.
Using View, Layout does not help in that I could get the " 3 Windows view" ie Folders, Email Heading and the Emial message below that.

I have to click twice to open an email and then it only opens it in a minimised form ie not full screen. If I maximise it etc as suggested windows does not remember that I want to have it maximise every time I reopen an email.

What I want is to see a maximised view of my email every time I open it, without having to click on the maximise button at the top left of the Window to make it a full screen view.
Hope this clarifies my problem

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