OE6 Address Book conundrum

  polymath 17:28 19 Apr 2005

So far, I've never felt the need to use the Address Book. It's empty, and always has been.
Recently, Outlook Express 6 has started demanding a matching name in the Address Book before sending any email. (I've always had 'automatically complete email addresses' disabled).

This first happened 2 months ago, and was cured until recently (thanks to Taff's advice) by reinstalling IE6. I've tried 5 OE6 reinstalls this time (using a different date of PC Advisor cover disk each time), (plus Repair Internet Explorer a few times), but a new problem/sympton has appeared.

Since the first recent reinstall, I'm unable to open emails in any OE folder, because "The Address Book failed to load. Outlook Express is incorrectly configured, please reinstall". But the same message appeared after each further IE6 reinstall, and the Repair option doesn't help. (I couldn't find a way to reinstall Outlook Express only).

Could this be some Windows (98SE) setting, rather than IE/OE?

Browsing the web has been problem-free all along - it's just being able to open emails (as I can't now open draft emails to try and send one, I don't know if the 'Match Name' problem is also still there).

I intend to get Firefox once this is sorted out, and then IE/OE will just be an alternative in case of problems. But first I want OE to work! (And preferably allow me to send an email to someone who isn't in the address book. Even if I do start using it, I don't think I'll want to have to add every email recipient to it).

Any ideas gratefully received!

  Stuartli 19:38 19 Apr 2005

Note that Firefox is a browser - Thunderbird is the equivalent of Outlook Express.

  polymath 19:48 19 Apr 2005

Thanks Stuartli - I hadn't learned that yet (is Thunderbird from the same stable as Firefox?)

Anyone have any ideas meanwhile, about being able to open my OE emails?

  polymath 20:19 19 Apr 2005

I forgot to mention that trying to open newly received emails gets the same error message (as well as the saved emails from before the IE reinstalls).

Am I right in thinking OE is part of IE, and can't be reinstalled on its own?

  polymath 17:46 20 Apr 2005

Does anyone know if the problem is more likely to be a Windows one, or an Internet Explorer one? (assuming Outlook Express is part of Internet Explorer?)

If it's an IE problem (despite the numerous IE reinstalls), should I try an alternative email client, and are they all much the same? (It would have to be one that doesn't need me to be able to use email - for registration, for instance - before I can start using it).

The Address Book's failure to load is still stopping me opening any emails, whether the Address Book in Windows Setup is enabled or disabled. I don't care if it's available or not - I just want the use of email again! (though I can at least read, or partly read, some received ones in Mailwasher).
I don't mind reinstalling Windows if necessary, but I think I'll see if anyone has any simpler suggestions first!

  polymath 20:06 20 Apr 2005

I've run System File Checker, but still no joy.

  polymath 21:12 20 Apr 2005

Just bouncing this and running away (to bed with heavy cold, to be precise).
If I don't respond to any suggestions till tomorrow, it won't mean I'm any less grateful!

  polymath 20:54 22 Apr 2005

Success at last (touch wood), though I don't quite know why.
What worked this time was one of Taff's suggestions from the session 2 months ago (it didn't do the trick that time). For anyone with the same problem, it was finding .WAB files (which seem to live in the Address Book), renaming them .OLD, and reloading OE so it can recreate them. (This time, I also restarted the computer before opening OE). I could then open mail in the inbox. Trying to send an old draft email was still thwarted by the Check Names box, but sending new mail is fine. (I deleted the old draft first, but don't know if that helped).

So it's all systems go again (but still bemused1)

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