OE: Why does mail go to my "Junk" box?

  [DELETED] 16:08 23 Jun 2006


When I receive email in outlook express, the mail always goes into my junk mail box for some reason, even though I have an Inbox, which does receive mail but only MSN and related. also, Links don't work in Junk folders when I click them, I have to move the m to my "inbox "



  [DELETED] 16:23 23 Jun 2006

You need to check the settings for the Junk filter - perhaps you'0ve got them set too high.

A Junk folder is not standard in Outlook Express - is this the Junk Mail folder belonging to your Hotmail account? - If so then you need to look at the settings there.

Or perhaps you have an Anti-Spam prrogram, which is filtering too aggressively?

  johndrew 16:43 23 Jun 2006

Have a look at OE `Tools>Message Rules>Mail` and see if there is a rule that puts your received mail in your junk mail. If so either edit it to your inbox or delete it.

  johndrew 16:49 23 Jun 2006

You could also check `Message>Create Rule From Message` and see if this is entered with anything that junks your mail. Again if it is amend it.

  [DELETED] 17:54 23 Jun 2006

Thanks for replies, but can't find "message rules" on the tool list - only "rules and alerts". When I set uo an hotmail account Diesee - junk mail box was there.

  johndrew 10:35 24 Jun 2006

I thought `Message Rules` and `Create Rule From Message` was part of the basic OE package. Perhaps those more knowledgeable than me will confirm or correct me.

I assume you are using XP and OE 6.0, not that it should be any different in 5.0 I would have thought.

The only other thing I can think of is that somehow the setting of a hotmail account has in some way modified OE but if this were the case it would be well known given the number of people that use hotmail.

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