OE wants me to redial existing connection

  palinka 14:43 07 Sep 2003

A minor but irritating problem.
I run WXP and my isp is freeserve.
After I've sent & received mail, if I stay on-line while I write another email and then click "send" I frequently see a dialogue box that says "A dial-up networking connection is already established to Freeserve." It offers 2 buttons: Try to locate the server on the current connection; or (and this is button is ticked by default) Hang up and dial Freeserve. There is a final tick box "Don't warn me about this".
As Freeserve is my only ISP this is very irritating. It doesn't happen on my other computer on which I access the same ISp account on the same phone line. I've probably ticked/not ticked something somewhere, but don't know what. Any suggestions?

  krypt1c 15:56 07 Sep 2003

Although you don't have another ISP, have you ever had one ? Are you trying to send using an old ISP email address ? You normally can't send other than from the ISP you are logged onto. If you are using an email account from a previous ISP you can still send when on with freeserve by changing the SMTP to be the freeserve one ie smtp.freeserve.net

  Megatyte 16:01 07 Sep 2003

In OE click Tools - Accounts. Select your mail account and click Properties. Under the 'Connection' tab take the tick out of 'Always connect to this account using'.


  palinka 18:04 07 Sep 2003

thank you both; Megatyte solved it. Thank you Megatyte.

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