OE removing "unsafe" attachments in mail.

  Gugs 22:45 26 Oct 2005

OE removed access to what it considers to be an unsafe incoming Email attachment.
It isn't - it's a licence key to a prog. I purchased.
Is there any way that I can recover the key (short of asking for a rerun which will probably be treated in the same way) or of controlling OE's arbitrary decision in this matter.
(XP home SP2)

  Simsy 22:49 26 Oct 2005

Open OE, then from the Tools menu...

Options>Security and UNTICK the box that says "Do not allow attachments to be opened that could potentially be a virus"

If this is ticked it hides ALL attachments, regardless of what they are.



  Stuartli 23:12 26 Oct 2005

Not necessarily so. Just the odd one I found when I used OE but I soon Disabled it at the time.

  Gugs 23:37 26 Oct 2005

Thanks both - easy when you know how.

  Simsy 00:15 27 Oct 2005

I stand corrected.



  Stuartli 11:20 27 Oct 2005

It may well have been your experience..:-)

Far more important is to PERMANENTLY Disable the Preview Pane in Outlook Express - merely clicking on a suspect e-mail can set nasties off on their dastardly trail.

With the PP disabled you can safely check an e-mail by highlighting and then right-clicking on it and using the General tab and Message Source button for information.

If there are any doubts, keep clicking Cancel and then delete the e-mail using the Toolbar's Delete button. Delete it again from the Deleted folder as well if you wish.

  Simsy 12:31 27 Oct 2005

that if you have preview pane ON, then you may see some attachments?

I do have my preview pane off. Is that why you say that ALL attachments hidden may have been my experience?

(Sorry to hijack thread Gugs!)

I don't have a problem... just always willing to learn!!



  Stuartli 12:52 27 Oct 2005

No, I'm saying that an e-mail containing an attachment with a virus which is merely clicked with the Preview Pane enabled can/could allow the virus to immediately do its dirty work.

Permanently disabling the PP prevents this possibility.

  Stuartli 12:53 27 Oct 2005

It's not been a problem as far as I'm concerned for several months now.

I switched to Mozilla's Thunderbird...:-)

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