OE problem: right click opens emails!

  DIYgirl 17:37 03 Nov 2005

I'm using OE and Win98 on my too-old computer. I've always right-clicked on odd-looking emails, then gone through a few clicks ("properties" etc?) to get to "message source" I think, so I can read them wihtout opening them (was told to do it here, thanks for that).

Just tried it today and the email opened as soon as I right-clicked it. Don't know what it was: I deleted it straight away, perhaps I should have taken note of it! It was something to do with an email I apparently sent someone I didn't recognise (it's sounding bad, isn't it?).

Anyway. What do I do to change it back to right clicking not really opening the message, just letting me have a sneaky look at it?

  Splork 17:46 03 Nov 2005
  Stuartli 17:50 03 Nov 2005

Keep the Preview Pane PERMANENTLY closed...:-)

  DIYgirl 17:52 03 Nov 2005

Splork, thanks for your suggestion but nope, that's not it. I all ready have the preview pane disabled and have been using the technique which is shown on your link and titled, "Using the Passive Viewer to Preview Dubious Messages". Only it doesn't work any more as the message itself opens as soon as I right-click, I don't get a menu appearing at all.

  DIYgirl 17:55 03 Nov 2005

Stuartli, I do have that preview pane closed, thanks to previous advice here. Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you.

  Splork 18:10 03 Nov 2005

You're referring to the right click menu with Open, Print, Reply to Sender, Reply to All etc columns ?
Is the right-click problem apparent in any other software?

  p;3 20:37 03 Nov 2005

may I suggest using mailwasher click here ; brilliant program for checking mails on server before they even get to your pc; you can also preview the mail via that method and delete from server ;try it and see:)then you can have downloaded only those mails you want and chuck those you do not want ..

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