OE message window size

  eccomputers 19:21 03 Mar 2003

Does anyone know of a setting in OE to stop messages opening in 'maximised' format? This is
really annoying as it covers the task bar etc.

Many thanks

  Simsy 07:01 04 Mar 2003

Open a message, (which I presume from your post will open maximised)

Then click on the "restore" button, top right of the message, between the "-" and "+"

This should "restore" the message to "normal" mode, which can be dragged to the size you want.

THEN close the message.

Subsequent opening of messages should be at the same window size.

(forgive me if this dosn't work.... The PC I'm on at the moment I have Outlook on, not OE and the above is correct for Outlook. I have OE at home and I'm sure the same applies)

Good luck,



  Andsome 08:28 04 Mar 2003

You should be able to grab the box in the corners and reduce it to whatever size you want. It should then open up to that size each time. Before doing this ensure that window is open to it's minimum size first by ensuring that there is only one little box next to the corner cross and not two. That way when you click onto that one box the window will go to full size if you should want this. You can left click onto the blue bar at the top and drag the new window to where you want it on your screen.

  Andsome 08:22 05 Mar 2003

Is this solved now? If so could you please use a green ticky thing

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