OE mail not sent; how would I know?

  p;3 11:35 02 Jun 2005

how would I know if a mail is not sent from OE? so far it has not happened , but how do I know if it does?

  Yoda Knight 11:40 02 Jun 2005

A copy would be sitting in your Out box. When it is succesfully dispatched it moves it to your Sent Items box

  VoG II 11:44 02 Jun 2005
  DieSse 11:45 02 Jun 2005

You can't really ever know - a while back Norton AV when checking outgoing mail could and did (under certain circumstances) allow the mial to get transferred to the Sent without it having been sent.

Your best plan with important mails is to ask for a Read Receipt.

  p;3 11:47 02 Jun 2005

Have been called in to work(hospital); will get back to this later this evening to explain my query/problem more fully ::))

  p;3 21:12 02 Jun 2005

my query; I start typing in a name in the to bit; eg, m a r y b [email protected] logsco.uk (spaced out here so it does not become a click here; this is completely fictitious I hope); the name in the address book is Maryblogs

if I get that shortcut name wrong, will the e mail still be sent, or will it stick in the outbox of OE; the problem is I cannot risk sending a mail to the wrong person; at present I only have this issue with one address

I think also I need to redu some of the shortcut names; but one in particular still refuses to come up with the correct name when I start to type it in;

does that make sense or gobledegook?

  DieSse 21:19 02 Jun 2005

If the email has an email address in a valid format, it will get sent. If the format is invalid you will get a warning and it will not be sent.

If the email address does not exist, you will get a message back to say it does not exist - it will not be delivered to anywhere, even though it will have left your system.

The shortcuts are nothing really to do with it - it's whether he actual address that's used is valid or not.

Hope that helps, as it's still not 100% clear to me what you're wanting to know.

  DieSse 21:21 02 Jun 2005

PS- to be more sure about the address - don't type them in, select from the address book - then you can see what you are doing.

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