OE Group contact list - surnames first?

  Trikie 22:04 01 Oct 2010

In all my various Group contact lists the names are ordered by first name and I can't see a "view" tool to change it - is there a way to change to surname order?

  peter99co 22:16 01 Oct 2010

When you set up a new contact you set the way round each individual contact is known by.

Open a contact to check.

  Trikie 22:58 01 Oct 2010

Thanks. The names are the right way round -first name/surname - in the main address book. I add them to the contact list using the the "select members" option and clicking on them in the main address book. They then appear in the contact listed in first name order.

I want to change the order to surname but can't see how to.

  Sapins 08:59 02 Oct 2010

You can change each entry individually by going to an entry in address book, click on name and reverse the surname and first name/s. If you have a lot of addresses it may take some time!

  Sapins 09:02 02 Oct 2010

Just found the answer. Go to View, scroll down to Sort By, select last name.

  Trikie 20:46 02 Oct 2010

Sorry folks, perhaps I haven't made it clear that my problem is with the names that I have copied from the address book into various contact groups.

The address book order - surname/first name is reversed in all the group contact lists and it's these that I want to change. When in a contact list there is no access to a View command.

  Sapins 09:44 03 Oct 2010

Again a long process if there are a lot in the group, but, if you click on properties in a group contact you can reverse the first and surnames for each member of the group.

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