O.E. Errors

  User-394903 02:11 14 Mar 2006

Hi all,

When I click O.E. to access my mail the message appears 'The host POP3 could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account POP3 server POP3 protocol POP3 Port 110 secure (ssl) no socket error 11001 eror number 0x800CCC0D.

I will be grateful if someone can help out here.


  surfmonkey #:@} 02:56 14 Mar 2006

have you entered you mail server correctly i.e my mail server is tiscali.co.uk
so my mail settings would be say
incomming mail (pop3) pop.tiscali.co.uk
out going mail(smtp) smtp.tiscali.co.uk
who is you mail server maybe you have it entered wrong

  User-394903 08:55 14 Mar 2006

Hi surfmonkey,

When sending mail, my address is in the format of [email protected] Is this what you are asking?

  Wak 09:07 14 Mar 2006

Hi, the thing you mention is your E-mail address.
The things to which Surfmonkey is referring can be found in O.E./ Tools/ Accounts/ Properties/ Servers.
Make sure everything on this page is correct.

  terryf 09:19 14 Mar 2006

According to click here , OE should be set up with Your Incoming Mail (POP3) = mail.btinternet.com and Outgoing Mail (SMTP) = mail.btinternet.com .
In OE go to Tools>Accounts click on Properties, choose Servers tab and make sure entries are as above

  User-394903 09:35 14 Mar 2006

On the servers tab in mail.btinternet.com Properties is:
Incoming mail server POP3 server
Incoming mail (POP) mail.btinternet.com
Outgoing mail (SMTP) Mail.bt.internet.com

Incoming mail server.
Under this heading is my email address and a series of dots that represent my p/w
Remember p/w box is checked
Log on using secure p/w is un checked.

Outgoing mail server.
My server requires authentication is checked

  User-312386 09:50 14 Mar 2006

there should be no fullstop between the bt and internet

In the SMTP yours is Mail.bt.internet.com

And it should be


  User-394903 09:59 14 Mar 2006

Hi madboy33,
Do I remove the dot from both SMTP and POP?

  User-394903 10:21 14 Mar 2006

Both POP3 and SMTP read mail.btinternet.com and I still have the error POP3 could not be found etc.

  User-394903 11:23 14 Mar 2006

I can send/receive email, using this p.c. but still have 'The host POP3 could not be found...'

I don't know if it will help in finding a solution to the problem, but when the tasks tab is clicked, this is what comes up.

Check for new messages on POP3 Failed BT Broadband.

Check for new mesages on 'mail.btint... Complete BT Broadband.

There has to be an answer to this problem for it is becoming a source of annoyance.

Anyone any ideas.

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