OE e-mail file attachment

  Sezlez 22:02 08 Nov 2004

A mate has sent me an attachment of photos with e-mail. Giving the usual warning about security OE asks if I want to 'open' or 'cancel'.On clicking 'open' the warning disappears but the file will not open. This is driving me barmy. How can I open this attachment?

  VoG II 22:10 08 Nov 2004

Tools/Options, Security tab, Untick "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"

  Sezlez 22:21 08 Nov 2004

Thanks for response but I've already unticked this box, it's made no difference. I still can't open the attachment!

  VoG II 22:25 08 Nov 2004

There is another one to untick:

Block images and other content in HTML e-mail.

  curlylad 22:35 08 Nov 2004

What format are the attachments being sent in ? They could be in a format that your system cannot read.

  Sezlez 22:40 08 Nov 2004

Thanks for rapid response once again. I've just unticked that additional box, closed OE, reopened it but the file attachment will NOT open. I've never had trouble before. It's nothing to do with just having installed SP2 is it?

  VoG II 22:41 08 Nov 2004

Try forwarding the message to yourself.

  Sezlez 22:57 08 Nov 2004

Forwarded message to myself, same negative response when I try to open the file. Is 'Curly Lad' possibly right regarding format? Thanks.

  VoG II 23:00 08 Nov 2004

What is the file extension - .jpg. .pps etc?

  Sezlez 23:12 08 Nov 2004

File extension shown as Ink. I have moved the attachment into another folder- tried to open it with the response of 'Problem with Shortcut'-the network connection that the shortcut"name of file" refers to is unavailable- make sure the network resource is available,and then try again.

  curlylad 00:14 09 Nov 2004

Are you sure the extension is 'ink' , and not 'lnk'?
The sender may have mistakenly sent the link to the photos from his system rather than the photos.

If this is not the case , and they are in fact 'ink' then you could try to view them with irfanview click here

However in future I would be asking the sender to send further pictures in JPEG format , file , save as , then save as JPEG.

Hope this helps !

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