OE connection problem

  palinka 18:43 23 Jan 2010

A friend had a Tiscali dial-up account which she used on "laptop A", which she has owned for a year or two and still uses. OS is XP.
Then she became a local councillor and so has a second laptop - “Laptop B” – on loan from the council for receiving emails & paperwork from council; doing council work, etc. OS is XP.
Council insisted that cllrs had broadband accounts, so she has BTInternet BB which someone from the IT dept at council set up for her.
Inevitably she also has a BT email address – but she has never used this, and intends to remain with Tiscali for her emails. What is more, she still uses laptop A for everything except council stuff.

Laptop B and Laptop A share the bb connection.
Laptop B is fine, performs without problems; Internet connection via BB is OK on laptop B.

A day or two ago she told me she couldn’t get her Tiscali emails in Outlook Express on laptop A, so I went to investigate. She uses inaccurate terminology so it was difficult at first to understand the real nature of the problem but it seems this is not a new problem – that she has not been able to receive Tiscali email on OE ever since the BB was set up – nearly 9 months ago!!

And on Laptop A there is now nothing in any OE folder (except of course the address book is still there OK) – so Inbox; Sent; deleted; drafts, are all empty. She can’t send or receive emails from OE on laptop A. And this afternoon at any rate, she couldn’t get onto the Tiscali website either on laptop A.
I suggested a temporary work-around (use laptop B to access Tiscali Webmail) and I went away to think about it.
Half way home I had a flash of belated inspiration: the council’s IT “expert” had set up BT Broadband but not set up a BT email account; so OE is looking for a connection (presumably to BtInternet) that doesn’t exist . The only Tiscali connection on laptop A is a dial up – and that is still there (we checked it out). and that’s why my friend can’t send or receive emails in OE because OE is using the bb connection which is to btinternet.
Does this seem a likely explanation?
So now I think that there are 3 alternative solutions: 1) to access her Tiscali emails via Webmail (from laptop B); 2) to use the old dial-up account for her Tiscali email account on laptop A; 3) to switch to using a Bt internet email account AND set up OE in laptop A to connect to that.
Laptop B is fine – connects to the council server and receives (via Outlook) emails sent to my friend at her council email address; and sends similarly. But she doesn’t want to use that for all emails, and in any case doesn’t want the bother of changing her email address.

Advice please. And is there any way of getting back the contents of the OE folders on Laptop A?

  lotvic 13:17 24 Jan 2010

I think that she will have to use her dialup connection for Tiscali.

found this infor for you click here
"Sending Email
This is done using a service called SMTP. Your email application needs to have an SMTP server address.
Note that to stop Spam, some email services only let you send email via their STMP server if you are connected to the Internet using that Internet provider. For example, Tiscali may not let you send emails from your Tiscali account if you are connected using BT Broadband"

  palinka 13:39 24 Jan 2010

thanks, lotvic.

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