OE can't load msoe.dll

  [DELETED] 20:18 24 Feb 2003

Please help! Outlook Express (V5) on my computer at work won't open as it can't load msoe.dll. msoe.dll is in the OE folder and I've reloaded WIN 98 as advised by our computer expert but it still won't load. I connect to email via a network (if this is helpful info).

It originally stopped working after I removed programs using the add/remove software box, I didn't think this could harm anything that I couldn't reload if necessary.

All responses gratefully received!


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(Opps, The Potter, not Dormouse!)

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  [DELETED] 20:40 24 Feb 2003

Thanks JoeC, but I'm not sure that's it (although I will check it out when I get to work). The message I get specifically states the OE can't open(?) because it can't LOAD msoe.dll. It doesn't give any reasons why.

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click here***/*/**.asp

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  [DELETED] 20:48 24 Feb 2003

Thanks for the 2nd link which came up after I posted mine! That looks like the solution although I'm not going to risk touching the registry files on my work computer! Thanks for the links though, I guess I'll have to call the 'expert' back in :(

  [DELETED] 21:14 24 Feb 2003

You're a star JoeC, I was just reading that very article when I refreshed this page. I'm sure it's the answer but as mentioned, I'm not going to touch the registry of my machine at work.

(I was given a free computer today to practice on (taking apart etc), maybe I'll replicate the problem just so I get the experience of fixing it!)

Many thanks.

The Potter

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