OE attachment access removed

  muddypaws 19:25 22 Jul 2003

My brother is trying to send me photo attachments on OE. No problems previously. I cannot open any when received. When he checks his 'sent box' there is a message stating 'OE has removed access to the following unsafe attachments.....'. He is scanning an old negative- converting it to a positive- editing on Adobe- saving to documents and then emailing it in usual way. Any suggestions please. Thanks.

  VoG II 20:32 22 Jul 2003

I've only heard of this with received mails, not sent ones. Anyway it's worth trying this. Ask your brother to go to Tools/Options, Security tab in OE and take the tick out of "Do not allow access...". Then try again.

  muddypaws 21:37 22 Jul 2003

Thanks for that. Will report back 2morrow evening.

  Spencus 21:53 22 Jul 2003

I have got the same problem as your brother using OE6,will give Vogs suggestion a go

  User-312386 21:56 22 Jul 2003

But make sure the tick is unchecked from "Do not allow attachments to be saved etc etc"


  muddypaws 18:26 23 Jul 2003

VoG. Brother has tried that. Sent me another and doesn't get the message back in his sent box, but I still can't open it. I get the virus warning and click on open--but nothing. In fact I have received another mail with an attachment from a regular source which I can't open. It says windows is unable to find the programme that sent it. A search reveals it was sent by Microsoft Powerpoint. Never heard of it! Suppose I could switch off Norton and see what happens. Anyone any more ideas?

  VoG II 18:32 23 Jul 2003

You need the Powerpoint viewer from click here|97|98|2000|2002&Type=Converter|Viewer

  VoG II 18:33 23 Jul 2003

I mean click here

  muddypaws 18:57 23 Jul 2003

VoG--Cheers-- that has cured the new problem,but still left with brother's problem-- or mine! I can't open his with powerpoint

  VoG II 19:05 23 Jul 2003

Just to explain, Powerpoint is nothing to do with e-mail, it is part of the Microsoft Office suite. As (presumably) you don't have Office you got a message saying there was no application to open this file. Downloading the viewer will have enabled you to open the Powerpoint attachment. However, it won't make any difference one way or the other regarding your original problem.

I'm afraid I'm stuck.

  muddypaws 17:56 24 Jul 2003

VoG. Going to start new thread.' Attachments unable to open'

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