OE 6 two questions

  Quiet Life 11:47 30 Oct 2005

1. I have been running OE on two machines one in English the other Portuguese. Have decided to run on the English one in future and as the Portuguese one had more items I copied the folders (dbx) over to the English OE and changed the folder names to the English. OE creates new empty folders in the Portuguese names. Where do I change the names in order for OE to open the newly named English folders?

2. Is there an easy way to algamate the e-mails in two different dbx folders.
Quiet life

  PaulB2005 12:05 30 Oct 2005

1. Try Importing the messages from the Portuguese DBX files. File, Import Messages...

2. Not sure what you mean but you can drag and drop messages from one folder to another.

  DieSse 12:07 30 Oct 2005

Yes - you IMPORT them. File - Import - and follow the wizard. When asked where are the files to import, you browse to the folder they're in - NOT the files themselves.

So First copy actross the whole folder that the .dbx files are in - if you use a CD for this, make sure the attributes on the new folder/files are reset from read-only.

Then do the import - and your two sets of files will end up amalgamated. In the wizard you can choose exactly which of the folders (eg Inbox, Sent, etc) you wish to import.

  Quiet Life 18:51 30 Oct 2005

Thanks worked fine

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