OE 6 problem

  watchful 14:19 13 Jun 2003

OE6 - instead of putting my e-mails in Outbox when typed offline - ready to send next time I log on - it now puts them in Drafts folder.

How can I change it back to its original setting?

  watchful 14:34 13 Jun 2003

Neither. I don't usually click anything. It comes up saying they'll be sent later and placed in Outbox when I exit. At least it used to until recently.

  watchful 14:46 13 Jun 2003

I'll try that but it doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for.

Up till recently I opened OE, worked offline, typed a message and then when I click red cross to close a message would come up saying this will be put in Outbox for sending when you next connect. Then when I connected it would be sent automatically. It's this option I'm trying to get back.

The option now is: Do you want to save changes etc. and then it gets placed in the Drafts folder.

I can just click file and then send later but I want the original option back.

  watchful 16:11 13 Jun 2003

I just tried as you suggested and clicking on SEND does bring up the option I want so, as you say, it's just as easy to click on that.

Perhaps the recent OE update altered the settings.

Thank you both very much for your time.


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