Molly_Don 11:41 17 Oct 2009

We have a proble with OE, we have 2 account, my account (main) and my wifes a/c, she can send from her a/c with no problem, but any mail for her get's deposited into my a/c, she doesn't receive any incomming mail.

Any suggestions please?

If it helps, we use XP, and our ISP is Virgin.

  User-312386 11:43 17 Oct 2009

You have to set up 2 accounts in OE and have them seperate - ie log into one and out of it and then log into the other one

  Molly_Don 12:47 17 Oct 2009

Hi madboy

We have 2 accounts set up, each a/c has a Blueyonder.co.uk address each with different names, but for some reason my wife's emails keep ending up in my a/c.

  Sea Urchin 13:04 17 Oct 2009

Do you mean they all arrive in the same Inbox? They will do unless you take steps to separate them.

Easiest course of action is to create a new folder under Local Folders called maybe Inbox2 and then devise a message rule to divert all incoming mail addressed to your wife to that new folder.

A more drastic solution would be to create two separate Identities, and log into OE twice - once into each Identity.

  Molly_Don 14:30 17 Oct 2009

OK, sorted, thanks for the help

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